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"Betsy's press releases are wonderful: content-rich, accurate, and engaging. As an editor at the Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group, one of my jobs is to keep an eye out for articles that might be appropriate for press releases, and I clearly remember the first time I saw the piece Betsy had written about one of these articles. We hadn't been able to give her much lead time, and I didn't expect much more than a general summary, but when I saw what she'd produced, my jaw dropped. To this day I do not know how she was able to "wrap her mind around" the article so well in that amount of time. She summarized it perfectly, but she also set it in context and provided a wealth of detail that would enable journalists to produce a "meaty" and useful article. Her press releases remain the standard by which I judge others."

~ Anne Stanford, Journal of Neurosurgery

"Ms. Van Die has done excellent work in Public Relations development for the Dr. Jeffrey Thomas Stroke Shield Foundation. She has a profound knowledge of this area and a consistently high-quality output, that have been a very great asset to our organization."

~ Dr. Jeffrey Thomas, Founder and Chairman, Dr. Jeffrey Thomas Stroke Shield Foundation

I have worked with Betsy for several years and highly recommend her as a stellar communications director. Betsy was instrumental in gaining the Journal of Neurosurgery a significant media presence in an extremely short amount of time. Her ability to quickly synthesize and present complex information in a consumer-friendly manner is phenomenal. She has an excellent eye for recognizing the “hook” in data-heavy scientific papers and bringing that focus to the fore. Specifically, her work on the Traumatic Brain Injury issue of Neurosurgical Focus (November 2010) placed the journal in nearly every major consumer newspaper in North America, a first for the JNS. She would be a valuable asset anywhere, especially in the areas of medical or scientific communication.

~ Gillian Shasby, Journal of Neurosurgery

I discovered I had a flair for writing and PR back in the early 1990s. Since then, I have developed a long and proven track record writing highly creative content, effective PR, and marketing collateral for nonprofit and advocacy organizations, SEO agencies, health-related companies, and medical practices. I am a strong proponent of the philosophy that stellar marketing and communications should integrate in-depth research, great writing, consistent branding, and beautiful visuals - and this is what I strive for in all my pursuits. I believe it is the creativity I bring to every project that led to the success I achieved in media relations and career-high 5.5 billion media impressions for these campaigns in 2010.

The word cookie-cutter is not in my vocabulary - I live by the conviction effective PR and communications should be personalized and customized to reflect the unique needs of each client. I will create an individualized approach sensitive to your specific needs and company culture - whether building an integrated marketing/ communications program from the ground up or analyzing current PR strategies and making suggestions for expanding and rebranding. I truly enjoy spending hours on PubMed, the CDC, NIH, and many other websites, conducting research and transforming statistics into highly effective, evidence-based content.

While my most extensive experience is in the health/medical and consumer advocacy fields, I am a bit of a Renaissance woman with knowledge of an impressive array of A-Z topics - from antiques to zeppelins, with a good deal in between. I am a versatile writer adept at crafting copy ranging from white papers to infographics to top ranked patient education … as well as meaningful 140-character tweets and Facebook pages.

Please click on hyperlinks or portfolio graphics to view a small representation of work in the medical, behavioral health, nonprofit, and arts sectors.

For more detailed information on my background, please view my CV/resume.

Betsy van Die